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CJD Double Filter
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Making parallel connection of 2 sets of CJS single filter, the processing amount is designed to work in a “One in use, one in backup” system. Under normal filtering conditions on 1 set of CJS single filter process, but when the filter in use is found clogged or decreased capacity, you should turn it off and turn on the other one in backup in order to present the best effect. After turning on the backup filter, you can replace the clogged filter screen and clean it. Through the repeating procedure, it can achieve the constant filtration.


1.Fast installation and uninstallation: All you need to do is to install the in-outlet; the

   installation process is designed to be practical and convenient.
2. Constant filtering: Using the “one in use, one in backup” design, it is able to maintain

   a constant filtering process.
3. Various options: We can provide different choices of specifications or customized

   manufactured products to meet the needs of your processing amount.
4. Easy to clean: Open the lid of the filter, pull out the screen and clean it.

5.High practicality: With the needs of the constant filtering process, it is not necessary to

   use the automatic function; therefore, this manual type can greatly reduce costs.