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FAB series- Automatic Brush Filter
  • FAB series
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FILAD Self-cleaning Filter---FAB Series (Brush Type), the best automatic filter-protection before water tower on the market. With an absolute filter rating of 80μm, it effectively prevents rust, sand, suspended solids and other impurities from entering the water towers, tapwater storage tanks and household water pipes, from blocking the pipes and causing corrosive damage.

FILAD Self-cleaning Filter---FAB Series (Brush Type) improves the shortcomings of other filtration equipment and has no requirement of backwash pressure. Its motor-driven brushing device cleans the screen efficiently and discharges the impurities automatically.

Model FAB-150T FAB-200T FAB-300T FAB-400T
Processing amount(L/Min) 88 114 213 372
Minimum operating pressure (kg/cm2) 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
Maximum operating pressure(kg/cm2) 10 10 10 10
Screen Slot(Micron) 80
In-Outlet size(Inch) 1½" 2" 3" 4"
Discharge valve size(Inch) 3/4" 1"
Brushing cycle time(Sec) 25 25 25 25
Minimum amount of water for brushing(L) 3 3 5 5